Friday, September 30, 2011

Something to smile at

 University has started and that means only to things: a lot of new friends and a lot of study and the consequences to all this are  : no time for blogging.
But i have been collecting some nice pictures that i wanted to share with you . Here are some of them.

 Enjoying the time it's one of the must of this period, i have so many things to do sometimes that having a  second to breath seems the hardest thing to do. But i will not complain since that i am liking everything that it's happening in my life!

This is one of the most truth line i have ever seen. Sometimes we are just too busy to make everybody happy that we forget to live for ourselves! DON'T DO THAT! 

Loving yourself it's one of the most important things to do. If we don't accept ourselves how can other people do it ? 

Homework, homework, homework, something that you need to do even if you are too tired and you really don't want. Don't forget: Hard work it's just work not done at the right time but only postponed! 

Music can help very much when we have our -no moments-

That's true! 

 Always do what you like and don't compromise too much. We live for us not for others!

 Well , this is the dream of every girl, but let's correct this quote saying that sometimes shopping it's the best therapy!

The ugly truth. Men often mean problems! 


                                 LOVE     LOVE     LOVE   LOVE    LOVE   LOVE 


Enjoy your life , see you soon for some fashion posts! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Laziness

Sunday it's one of these days of the week when i just want to relax , maybe seeing a good movie or  going out for a walk.
But this Sunday it's particular: it's my last day of holiday  because tomorrow i start my first semester of University!
I am beyond excited and nervous.
I still hav to figure out what to wear even because the weather it's changing so fast and suddenly .
But in the while i just will enjoy this last moments of freedom and i will get inspired by some fashion photos of the NFW and some good music.

Here the link of a post that i made in my other blog about music   > CLICK ME ! CLICK ME!


Loving these studded flats! 

it may be the solution to many problems! 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Confessions of a shopaholic : New in!

Recently due my trips , the free time i have had, and all the wonderful Sales that shops have done , i have shopped quite a lot...
Well, i will not write anything more, because photos will talk better.
Here is the list of some of the new things that will are in my closet!

(All was 3 or 5 euros )


Bought in Spain (14.95E)

Bought in an Italian market( 6.90E)
After hearing about it i decided to give it a try so i bought Beyonce's perfume. I really loved it!


(14.95 E)

FOREVER 21 (online shop)

Less than 4 Euros all 

On sale, i paid it only 12 Euros

H&M :


AMICHI: (a Spanish Brand)
on sale from 39.90 to 12.99 E 


Do you like them? WHat do you think?
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Going Green

Sun, sun, sun. I love sunny weather, it makes me so happy. 
So i put on my new green top and went out to enjoy it a little and maybe take a very little of sunbathing.
I decided to go for a simple and comfortable outfit. 
I think i may purchase new green tops. I think i m going to buy more green cloths.I am starting to like this color.
Do you like green too? 

Top: Stradivarius (4.95 euros)
Shorts: Joyful (9.99 euros )
Flats: Dofi ( 10 euros)
Bag : H&M  (19.90 euros )
Watch : Asos  (38 euros )
Jewerly : No brand  (very old) 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Talking to the moon

oops. i got a call just in the second that my photos were taken. LOL 

 Summer is almost over ,unfortunately .
So in these days we are having our last chances to wear the summer dresses and sandals that we have .
In this post i went for this simple look all about a blue summer dress that i bought last year at H&M and this sparkly sandals.
I kept accessories simple: just a little key necklace that is a gift that i have recived a few days ago.
I decided to go for a brownish-greyish bag to break all the blue of my look.
Since is summer i love playing with strong nail colors such as this powerful red.
What a pity that this summer it's over , but there are so many photos that will never make me forget all the crazy thing that i did in it.

my make up ,what you think of it?

Dress H&M (9.90 euros last year) 
Sandals: LINDA (at final summer sales)
Bag: WESTRANGS  (26.40 euros on sales some months ago)
Neckclace: FABIANI (gift )
Earrings : H&M 
Headband: just a simple satin string 

                                               Bruno Mars -Talking to the moon 
                                                                  (I really love this song! ) 

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Have a nice fashionable day everyone !