Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Since that Christmas is coming and the craziness about gifts is starting to came here i am with a post . Every Christmas there is a problem that afflicts million of people: Receiving  very horrible gifts. Isn't it awkward  when you open your gifts and you have to fake a big smile to hide the fact that you really didn't like the gift ?Is i? I mean , some times some people really show you that they don't know you at all.
I hate receiving every year pink or Hello Kitty stuffs!I really don't like pink and neither Hello Kitty (no offense ) .
So, this year I  have made this short list of things that i really would like to receive .
So please, Santa ,  visit my blog before bringing me something. ;)

1.  a New Camera : Nikon 1J1
My old camera got stolen so i really need a new one, I was used to carry my old one always with me, it was a part of me. I love taking photos and not being able to take them anymore , or to take them only with my mobile kills me.

Here is the photo of the one that i have been falling in love with: NIKON 1J1 ... (it would be awesome in white or black )
I love it for all the things it can do and even because it's so little and easy to carry around.

2. H&M Ankle Boots
When i saw these boots i could resist them... it was love at first sight! I love the neutral color and the fact that they aren't uncomfortable.
Price 29.99 Euros

3. Black or Leopard Pumps
I have been quite obsessed with high heels recently and these were one of the first things that i liked.
I love them either in Black or  with Leopard print .
What i love most of them? The red sole! 

Price 20 euros

4. H&M Glittery purse
What to say? I simply loved it! I already have figured it in my New Year's Eve outfit.
Price 14.95 euros 

5. Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
I have this deep love for Make up and this palette it's one of the best ones. It has a lot of neutral colors but some dark ones too. It's perfect for either a natural every day look or an evening smokey eyes look.
Price: 40 euros 
6.ASOS Tornado Lace Shoe Boot
Yes, it's another pair of nude ankle boots, but the lace detail it's so nice. The heel is not very high and the little bow in the back part it's just so lovely. 
7. ZARA Pumps 
Black is just a perfect color for all the occasions. I love the leaf back part. 
Price :69.95 Euros

8. H&M Top 
You can never have enough tops. 
Price: 14.95 Euros 
9. H&M Heart Shaped Purse
Is  this purse nice? Isn't  it? 
Price: 14.95 Euros
10.H&M Shoes
A pair of comfortable shoes is always needed. 
Price: 29.95 Euros
11.H&M Dress
Price 29.95 Euros 
What i wish to not receive:
1. Shower gels/ Body wash / Body Lotions : i have so many of them that i do hate them all!
2. Scarfs , Gloves 
3. Ornaments for my room 
4. Lingerie (it should be banned to gift them , it's such a personal thing)
5. Make up , my mum may kill me if i buy or ask for more make up. ( i hope she does not see the Urban Decay Palette )
6. Books, i like reading  but i really don't have any space left in my room to put any more book.
7. 8. Useless accessories,i really do not need the 100th makeup bag.
8. Music cd, do not try to guess my tastes.

I hope that the person that needed some advice about my gifts have been helped now. And that i have given you some ideas for this Christmas.



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