Monday, April 16, 2012

New Header + I've been tagged

 I was taken by inspiration a  few days ago so i decided to make a little change to my blog and go for a new header , what do you think of it? Do you like it?
Let me know.
Here i am answering to a tag that a sweet blogger tagged me to.

Hola, entonces que os parece del nuevo header de mi blog? os gusta?
En ese post he decidido contestar a un tag al cual me nominò Lascositasdelulu

Tag questions and answers / Preguntas y respuestas!
1- ¿Qué te impulsó a crear un blog?/ Why you decided to open a blog? 
El mundo de la moda me ha gustado desde que estaba muy pequena , antes de abrir ese blog, he pasado casi un ano mirando blogs y siempre me pedia: Porque no publico tambien fotos de mi? Asi que un dia he cogido la camara y saque unas fotos. 

I have been fascinated by fashion since i was really little, before opening this blog i spent almost an year following and visiting a lot of fashion blogs. So one day i finally asked my self why should i not try it too? Then i took  my camara and finally published the first photos.

2- ¿Por qué pusiste ese nombre a tu blog?/ Why did you select this name for the blog?
Las palabras chic y cheap me representan mucho ,a mi me gusta la moda pero no quiero gastar un monton de dinero para esa, se puede ser guapas tambien con ropa que costa poco.

The words chic and cheap describe me very good. That's how i would describe my style. I like being chic, but i do believe that we can look good even not spending a lot of money.

3- ¿Qué entrada de dio más quebraderos de cabeza?/ Which post made was the most complicated?
Creo que ultimamente encuentro mas dificultades a escribir los textos del las entradas.Siempre tengo algo planeado antes de sacar las fotos y luego cuando tengo que  escribir se me faltan las palabras. Hehehe 
I think that recently i am finding it harder to write interesting post, i always have something planned in my mind but when i am writing i do lose all the idea and can't finds the words. 

4- ¿Tu perfume favorito?/ What is you favorite perfume?
Amber Romance - Victoria Secret 

5- ¿Tus canciones favoritas?/ What are your favorite songs?
Adele- One and Only
Destiny Childs - Cater to you
Elthon John - Sorry Seems to be the hardest word

6- Lo que mas te molesta./ What does get you easily annoyed?
Las personas que hablan sin saber nada de lo que dicen. 
People that talk without knowing anything of what they are dealing with.

7- Un libro que recomiendas / What's the title of a book that you suggest?
"Open" - Andre Agassi

8- Tu película favorita/ What's you favorite movie?
Posdata te quiero .... no puedo verla sin llorar.. 
P. s. I love you... i always cry watching it. 

9- Un sabor / Tell us a  taste
El sabor de la pizza que acaba de salir del horno.. mmm delicioso! 
The taste of a pizza that has just been cooked.. so delicious! 

10- Un viaje en mente/ What's a trip that you have in your mind?
DUBAI!!!!!! Es mi sueno! 
Dubai! It's my dream! 

11- La noche o el día ¿Qué prefieres?/ Do you prefer night or day?
Noche, siempre me salen mejor las cosas en la tranquilidad de la noche. 
Night, i think it's my most productive time of the day.

12- Tu gran vicio, el que mas te pierde./Your biggest weakness
El chocolate. No le puedo resistir
Chocolate, I can't resisit it .

My nominees are:

And the questions are the same, because i do really liked them.

                                       XOXOXO THE CHIC AND CHEAP 


  1. Me ha encantado tu nueva cabecera... y por supuesto leer el tag para conocerte un poco mejor!!! SI vas a Dubai...¿llevaméeeee!!



  2. Nice new header. Also sometimes when I write posts I think I have it all planned out but when really writing it i have a brain block.

  3. love your new header! Nice to read your tag questions.And thanks so much for making me one of the nominees.

    xxx maruschka

  4. Love the new header and loved reading your answers!

  5. Si me gusta el nuevo header!
    Ahora te conocemos un poquito más!

  6. sure we can follow eachother <3
    following unow
    please return the favor!

  7. thx for your nice comment on my blog :)

    sure we can follow each other If you want :)

    wish you a nice day

  8. Scusami ma ti ho appena taggato in un post simile con undici domande. Le tue risposte sono interessanti!

    E da Helsinki

  9. The header is nice.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Miss Starshiny


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