Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let's all help this girls with their studies! Take part to this survey!!

He girls,
some weeks ago i received this email for two sweet readers of mine and i really want to help them out. Read all they have to say and please take part at their survey!

We are Tolga Bilgic  and Mariska Erdelman  from the Netherlands. We are 20 and 21 years old and pursue a job as a manager in the fashion industry. This year we will graduate from TMO, the European Fashion Business School. ( To successfully complete our education we hope for your cooperation.

TMO is an officially recognized and private University of Applied Sciences for management positions in the fashion industry. The curriculum at TMO takes 3,5 years and results into a Bachelor’s degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Fashion and management.

The subject of our final research assignment is Islamic Fashion.
The purpose is to find out how middle-class Muslim women’s needs for fashion can be met successfully.

The blog you write is very interesting and nice to see such as fashion forward garments. Because you know a lot about (Islamic)Fashion we are hoping that you can help us. We are interested what kind view your followers and you have on this subject. So we hope that you would be so kind to place the link below on your blog or maybe you can mail the link to your followers. Once again we love to learn more about (Islamic)Fashion and the customers/followers.
To show our gratitude to you and your followers one of them will receive an original Dutch gift.

The link to the survey:


  1. Hello there sweetie ! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog it means a lot to me !
    Done ! Best luck

    Come and check my new post whenever you have time !

    xx Kiki


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