Friday, February 28, 2014

Birthday Party with My Favorite OASAP Heels And My Gifts !!!!


So after all the exams and the business of all the last months i finally got a chance to get out and celebrate my birthday with my friends. 
Here is my outfit that i had been preparing and saving for the last moths since i always end up buying me birthday party's outfit during the winter sales . I was even enough lucky to get the shoes i have been wanting for months ( and purchase not long time ago) just in perfect time for my party!
Somehow, without any intention, my outfit ended up being almost all from OASAP but with a twist of this Zara skorts ( i never ever wear shorts but this time i decided to get out of my comfort zone and do it) .
Black, White & gold were my color scheme again. It's funny considering that i will be forced to wear only black and maybe a few hints of white for the next month and i should be playing more with colors. 

This year i was very very lucky with my gift, i got one of my long desired item that have been on my wish list for so long: a professional camera! I still can't believe that i got that and i can't wait to read more and more about how to improve my photography beginner skills. 
The other two things were something i requested since i will be traveling to New York and i need them for that. 

Alla fine dopo tanti esami e periodi stressanti ho avuto la possibilità di festeggiare il mio compleanno con i miei amici .
Per il mio compleanno avevo in mente un outfit che tenevo in serbo da molto tempo. Come ogni hanno lo avevo comprato quasi tutto con i saldi e l'arrivo di questi sandali di OASAP sono stati la ciliegina sulla torta visto che li volevo da tanto tempo. In aggiunta ho deciso di uscire anche dalla mia  zona di comfort indossando questi skort (considerando che io non indosso quasi mai shorts/pantaloncini)
Nonostante sarò costretta a indossare solo nero e forse qualche minima tracciar i bianco il prossimo mese ho deciso di optare per nero , bianco e oro. 

Devo ammetterlo, quest anno sono stata molto molto fortunata con i regali , considerando che ho ricevuto una delle cose che era nella mia wishlist da tantissimo tempo: una bellissima macchina fotografica professionale che ho usato per fare queste foto nonostante devo ancora imparare a usarla al meglio. Le altre due cose sono invece qualcosa di cui avevo bisogno per il mio viaggio a New York.

What i will be remembering forever the delicious and way too amazing food i had at my birthday this year.  Greek restaurants are the best thing ever!  

The gifts : 

The red interior really impressed me and i love it since this way it makes it easier for me to understand what i did put inside ( black sd memories are somehow "hiding" all the time i was looking for them)

H&M black faux leather bag! The perfect bag for people like me that fit all the world inside a bag! 

Here is my pride and glory: Nikon d3100

My outfit:

Balzer OASAP ( Link !)
Shirt STRADIVARIOUS ( On sales)
Skorts ZARA ( sales) 
Necklace OASAP ( Link !
Heels OASAP (Link ! )
Bag OASAP ( Link !

What do you think of my outfit?
Let me know in the comments !!! 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's my Birthday + Exciting Big News!!!! + My New Favorite Oasap Blazer and Necklace !

How are you all doing? I'm super fine even if super busy and i can finally share my big news with you: I'm going to NEW YORK for a super important University project and TODAY it's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

At the end I  decide to wear this OASAP Blazer and Necklace  for the day part of  it. Now i can't wait for next week to finally going to party with my friend and celebrate it. I have been having super hard weeks between so many things i had been working at and this project that had been making me work and study like never! But what can i say : I LOVE MY LIFE and i am grateful for every single thing that happens and has happened. 
Count your blessings and they will multiply . :) 

Come state? Io sto super bene e super impegnata e finalmente posso condividere con voi : vado a NEW YORK per un progetto universitario super importante e OGGI è il mio COMPLEANNO!!!

Alla fine ho deciso di optare per questa giacca bicolore di OASAP e questa collana durante i festeggiamenti giornalieri. 
Ora non vedo l'ora che arrivi anche il giorno della festa che ho deciso di fare con i miei amici e così potrò mostrarvi anche il mio secondo outfit per questi festeggiamenti. 
Sono stata super presa e super occupata a lavorare sodo a questo progetto e devo ammettere che nn ho mai studiato/faticato così tanto nella mia vita; ma lasciatemi aggiungere una cosa : AMO LA MIA VITA e sono super grata per ogni singola cosa che sta accadendo e che è accaduta.
Conta le tue benedizioni e queste si moltiplicheranno! 

 I love how this blazer buttons up.

I thought that a touch of electric blue would really  add something to this outfit. 

Recently i could really live on with just this pair of jeans. They are the most comfy thing ever! God Bless who put the Boyfriend style jeans trend on again! 

What i was wearing : 

Balzer OASAP ( Get it here

Top STRADIVARIUS   (4.99€)
Boyfriend Jeans ZARA 
Flats H&M 

Necklace OASAP ( Get it here )  

What do you think of this outfit? 
Do you like it or not? 
Let me know in the comments!