Thursday, January 7, 2016

Elf Haul & First Impressions

E.L.F. has always been one of my favorite on the budget drugstore brand and i have been rediscovering it recently. 
They were having a sale few weeks ago and i took the chance to get a few things i wanted to try out. 
I have had the chance to test the products out too and if you are interested i can write reviews for you.
I decided to try out the mascara shield this time and i must say what a disappointment it was. 
I got a chance to order my beloved Sunscreen  Spf 45 High definition powder . I found it very interesting since it seemed a quick fix for when it's very hot and i don't feel like wearing sun protection or when i simply forget it. I have found it a very valid product. It is a very light pink high definition powder that becomes almost invisible when applied. The box is very big and will last you a very long while. (Link )
I also restocked on the famous High definition powder ( Link) . i really like this powder and how cheap and valid it is. I consider it the best drugstore translucent powder. The price is very little and the quantity they sell you is very big. It's a win win in my opinion. 
Elf's nail block ( Link) is one of the favorite things of my order. I like how small, compact and functional it is! It does an amazing job on a super small price tag :1$ .
I also decided to try their famous primer since a lot of blogger rave about it. I still haven't made up my mind if i like this product or not. For now i keep using it and trying to decided if it's a failure or worth it. (Link
If you have to buy one product only from elf please make it to be their amazing blending brushes (1$) .I can neve have enough of them. Such a good quality for a ridiculous price! I always make sure to have back ups in case i travel and lose a few of them. I have been buying them for years and they do a super amazing job when it comes to blending eyeshadow.  ( Link

What are your favorite products from Elf or drugstores?

Let me know in the comment section!



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