Monday, January 4, 2016

Everything less than 4 $ Clothing and Beauty Haul @ Forever21

Who doesn't like to shop good items on a super low budget? 

Forever 21 is my go to store when it comes to unbelievable prices for good basics. 
I love their 1.90$ cami  (Link) and here in the photos you will see my favorite basic v-neck top that only cost 3.80$!  (Link

I also enjoy their beauty section a lot too. They always have good things for cheap prices. I ended up getting some make up wedges ( the best ones to apply concealer when you do not want to use a make up brush  Link ), black simple hair ties ( i do not know where the huge assortment i had went, is there a hidden place where they all hang around? Link ) , a hair brush since my old one that i use to brush my wet hair died (it was on sale at  the time i purchased it but now is back to its original price , Link  ), a super fabulous face massager ( i use it to delicately scrub my face and wash my make up brushes too , i love it! ) 
I was so happy to see how all the items were so cheaply priced. I will definitely be stocking up on more t shirts and camis when i need to stock up next time. I really loved the quality of them. For being so cheap they are very very comfortable, breathable, good quality and quite durable. 
If you are on a budget or want just some extra basic tops check them out!I got  mine in red, black and white and i love pairing them with casual outfits overtime. They hold up very good when washed. 

Insider tip: if you go on store you will find only a very limited amount of colors and sizes. I always prefer to get them online. This theory has been proven all the times i tried to purchase the camis since they are only available on a handful of colors and 1-2 sizes and online is so hard to choose instead.   

What are your favorite stores for basics or when you do not want to spend too much money on ? 

Let me know in the comments! :)



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