Friday, May 2, 2014

New York Haul- Cloths & Accessories

"Shopaholics why they call 'em my addiction, my prescription, 
Gimme shoes and give me bags 
How much you want I need 'em bad "

Welcome to the second part of my American Haul. This time i showing u some of the good deals i got.
I would like to spend  a few words saying how much i love Juicy Couture sales : they had 40% off everything even sales items which were already super crazy on sales. In fact i ended up getting things from them with 80% aka a fraction of the price.
My biggest love goes for Nordstrom Rack! I ADORE that shop! I got the brown Michael Kors sweater i am showing you from 120 $ to just 36$! Let's all take a moment of contemplation for it.
Another pleasant discover was Aldo, i got the two pastels necklaces for the amazing offer: get 2 pay 1. I am not a big fan of the whole pastel trend that's going on but these two necklaces are very cute and timeless and i can make them go with various outfits. I already have a long maxi black dress that i can use with them.
I would like to thank again my friend that showed me the "Shopping is my cardio " top at Forever 21. I could have left USA with only that top and i would have been the happiest girl on the planet.
I love love love it! It makes all my friend laugh so much when they see it.
Same thing goes with the " Queen of the f*****g Universe top " that i got at Juicy Couture. Can't wait to wear it!

Uggs, what to say? You can hate them or love them but one thing cannot change: they are the most comfortable thing on the planet! I lived on them in New York!
I now understand why they are so famous: you feel like you are walking on pillows!  They are the most comfortable thing ever! I approve them with flying colors!
I decided to go for a very short model (Mini short  Bailey Button  in Chestnut ). I'm short and i didn't want something to make me look even shorter.

I then decided to get some typical tourist things too aka my Hard Rock Cafe and New York t-shirts.
Quoting my friend Viola: " Why should you get a post card when a t-shirt says it better ? " .