Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Home sweet home ...

Luxuries are never so comfortable as are the familiar, ordinary things of home.

Eucharista WardMatch For Mary Bennet, 2009
Home is one of the most beautiful places to be.When you are there you feel the best you could ever feel. 
Do you like these style of different rooms?
You have all the things you love and like. It's your own little part of heaven. 
I always like to design and decor my room so it can represent me as much as possible.

I love how  in this room the neutral colors are mixed with black

White is always elegant 

Every girls loves make and it always needs a special place for it

very nice bedding 

books books books, there is never enough space for them

minimal style

the perfect chic office

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

If I Was a Boy

Fashion is  changing ; men clothes are becoming more fashionable everyday.
I  have this men's shirt for so long that i can't even remember where it came  from or where i got it ; but i love it!
I love the soft shade of blue of this shirt .
Sometimes men have such nice things that i like trying  to build  an outfit around them .
What do you think of men clothes? Have you ever bought men clothes? 
What do you think of the male fashion ? I personally like it, sometimes men has so nice things even if their choses are so reduced: we can have billions of different types of tops and them just have to choose between a shirt or a t-shirt. 
Now i will stop talking and i let photos speak for me. 

Shirt : Vintage 
Top: TOPSHOP  (9 Euro) 
Leggings: STRADIVARIUS  (10 euros ) 
Belt: Forever 21 (4 euros)
Boots:Brand less   (20 euros )
Neckclace & Bracelets : Brand less (gifts) 
Watch: ASOS   (38 euros) 

A special thank to EMI, my amazing photographer!