Friday, March 27, 2015

Outfit: Army Green & Light Pink

Friday has always been my favorite day to share outfits. 
Pink as always been one of my least favorite colors, but everything changed after i saw this beautiful delicate shade of pink at H&M. 
It was love at first sight and i already had tons of ideas on outfits with it. 
The one i am showing you today has a combo i never had used: pink & military green. 
They go very good together and the pink gives to the strong military green color a delicate touch .
Soft and strong: the definition of a my personality. 
I had to take the photos inside this time since it was very very cold outside. 
Spring and summer need to come asap!
I hope you won't mind the awkward background. :)

Venerdì è sempre stato il mio giorno preferito per condividere con post sui miei outfit. 
Il rosa è sempre stato uno dei miei colori meno preferiti,ma tutto è cambiato quando ho visto questo malignino da H&M.
E' stato amore a prima vista e subito ho cominciato a pensare ai diversi abbinamenti che potevo fare. 
Quello che vi mostro oggi è un abbinamento che non avevo mai osato prima: rosa cipria e verde militare. 
Si accostano molto bene insieme e il rosa da un tocco delicato all'intenso verde militare.
Delicato e forte allo stesso tempo, un po' come me. 
Ho dovuto fare le foto al chiuso visto  il ritardo dell'arrivo della bella stagione.
Non vedo l'ora che il bel tempo arrivi. 

Outfit details: 

Sweater / Maglione   H&M  (7$)
Pants/ Pantaloni  ZARA 
Heels/ Tacchi ZARA 
Collana OASAP 

What do you think about it? 
Let me know in the comments!

Cosa ne pensate? 
Vi piace?
Fatemelo sapere nei commenti!


Radha Beauty: Argan Oil & Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

[powered by Radha Beauty]

Argan and Coconut oil are the best multipurpose oils i always make sure to have in my cabinet.
Radha has ben so nice to send me a bottle of each to try and tell you about the amazing benefits of each .

Fractionated Coconut Oil :   ( get it Here or Amazon)
I have always used plain coconut oil and i was very happy to try and see what the results of this fractionated ones were.
That back of the bottle, a 16oz/473ml one, suggests that you can use it for massages, body and hair care.
The main uses are:
- cosmetics: used in the preparation of soaps, lotions, ointments and other cosmetics.
- aromatherapy: is a great carrier oil that facilitates the absorption of other oils and herbal extracts.
- medicines: has powerful antiseptic and disinfectant properties.
- hair care: used in a number of hair care applications.
- cooking: can also be used as a cooking oil.

The oil is odorless,not greasy,not staining. It is not tested on animals!  It only has one ingredients so you don't have to fear chemicals and other preservatives ! It has a very long shelf life too.

I personally loved it on my hair, i noticed they were very moisturized. Not dry at all.
I like how if you apply it on wet hair , it gives them a very "just out of the beach / wet " look.
I used it even on dry hair to give them some shine.

It's good even has a simple moisturizer for the rest of the body or has a make up remover. Oils are the best at taking all the make up out, even waterproof one!

I would really recommend it to everybody!

Radha Beauty 100% pure Argan Oil :   ( get it Here or Amazon)

I have always been a huge fan of organ oil . It has always made amazing miracles on my skin and hair.
I really loved how this one was 100% pure argan oil, it's though to find one that is 100% pure and not mixed with other chemicals to preserve it.
The bottle is pretty big ( 4oz/ 120ml) and comes with a very practical dropper so it is easier to get the right amount of product you need.
You only need a couple of drops and nothing more. A little goes a long way with this product!

I like to use argan oil for everything: to moisturize my skin, as an hair care product, to prevent and cure scars and stretch marks, to cure my super chapped lips, to to help me keep my hands always moisturized so i can always have an amazing looking manicure, to help my skin resist better to the signs of age and many more...

I always end up using 3 each time for my face and about the same quantity for my hair.
The results are pretty immediate and it's all natural !!!

Have you tried any of these products? 

Did you like them? 

Let me know in the comments!!!

Instanatural : Stretch mark & Scar Cream Review

[powered by Insta Natural ]


Women know better than anybody else who annoying stretch marks are and we would do everything to prevent, hide and make them fade. 

I have tried tons of different products during the past years and today i decided to talk to you about this one from Insta Natural . 

Insta Natural Stretch marks and scar cream 

( get it here or Amazon

The product comes in a nice and convent jar of 4 oz/120ml. It's in plastic and doesn't take too much space. When opened the product has a very nice smell and a very soft and fresh consistency, it would describe it as something between a cream and a gel consistency. It's very light and gets absorbed by the skin immediately. 
Th cream main ingredients are: cocoa butter, reship oil and mango butter. All those ingredients are designed to increase elasticity of the skin and diminish the appearance of stretch marks and restore a youthful look. The skin feels very smooth. 
The product is made in Usa and not tested on animals and has an expiration period of 24 months. 
The instructions suggests to apply the cream to  a clean and dry skin and to massage until the product is perfectly absorbed.
Better results are achieved when the cream is applied twice a day. 
I personally liked the appearance of my skin while i was using the creams and day by day i started seeing some small improvements. 
I like all the main oils and butters used ( Vitamin C, Cocoa Butter, Rosehip oil , Mango Butter , Grapeseed oil and evening Primrose oil. 
The product is now on sale for just 19.95$ ( originally 59.95$). 
I saw the skin with stretch marks gradually fading and i would definitely keep using it in the following months in the process of getting into shape for summer. 

Insta natural Scar Gel 

( get it here or Amazon

I have always been that kind of person that bumps into everything and always ends up having scars.
So i always look around for products that can help my skin make some of the scars fade away.
When i came around this product i decided to give it a try considering all the things it promises and all the amazing results people have had. (check amazon for the photos)
The product promises to :

  • Best Scar Remover - InstaNatural's Advanced Repair Scar Gel helps to diminish and erase scars over time by making them less visible in appearance. Perfect to use for men and women with surgical scars, acne scars, burns, or other dark spots. Use twice a day to soften the scar in color and watch it fade away.
  • Advanced Ingredients - Formulated with the best ingredients designed to give you results, including Epidermal Growth Factor, Fucoxanthin, Astaxanthin, Green Tea & Gotu Kola. These powerful ingredients work together to fortify & restore healthy skin to reverse the signs of damaged skin for a flawless tone.
  • Lightweight Formula - Glides on quickly and easily and absorbs in seconds. Leaves no residue or odor behind, and it is safe to use on all skin types, even sensitive skin.
  • Highest Quality - Each bottle of Scar Gel is produced in the USA. The formula contains no harmful parabens, sulfates or alcohols.
  • Manufacturer Guarantee - InstaNatural is proud to back their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, no matter where you buy the products. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact InstaNatural for a refund - no questions asked.

I personally noticed very small improvements since the beginning and will keep using it daily to see bigger and better improvements.
The product has a very strong smell and an orange consistency that is a mix between a gel and a liquid.
It dries up very quickly and it is not sticky at all.
I would suggest it to everybody that suffers from different kind and nature of scars.
It's suggested to be applied twice a day.

Have you tried any similar product?

What did you think of it?

Let me know what you think about it. 


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Huge Haul:Dior,Victoria's secret, H&M, Target, AltuzarraxTarget, Khols,NordstromRack...

Hello !!!
I'm finally back after the past months hiatus.
I decided to start this new year of blogging with a big haul of the things i have purchased recently.
I have been inspired to try different styles recently and new colors too.
I have been so happy with the sales recently and i have been making good deals/bargains. 
These past months Ebay have become one of my favorite websites too. I love finding new gems everyday. 
The red skirt you see in this top and the Dior vintage top are from there. 
Sales recently are driving me crazy with how many good things i has been able to find. 

Finalmente sono tornata dopo la lunga pausa degli ultimi mesi.
Ho deciso di iniziare questo nuovo anno con un bel haul di un parte di acquisti che ho fatti negli ultimi tempi.
Sto cercando di aggiungere un po' di colore al mio armadio e di provare stili e nuove tendenze. 
Speriamo ne esca qualcosa di buono.



Dior , vintage ( got on Ebay) 

Altuzarra x target

I fell in love with this dress from the first moment i saw it! It's so beautiful and classy. Can't wait to style it. I love the birds on the upper part . It makes it look very Asian Empire Style. I already took outfit photos and cannot wait to show you how it looks...

Sometimes you just need a very sexy , Sofia Vergara lookalike dress, and this one from Target fits the description very good.I love the color and material and the little belt it comes with. The little belt was supposed to be wrapped around the neck but i prefer it around the waist .

If you are a person that suffers cold weather like me you should consider investing in one for this amazing tops sold at Khol's . They are thermo tops and keep you the warmest possible while outside is the coldest weather ever!

When i saw this quote sold at Khol's i knew i really need to have it. It defines me so much ! 
I am a big dreamer and believer that if you work hard you can achieve everything you desire. Working hard always pays off. 

I plaid guilty, Victoria secret perfumes are the best thing ever recently! I love them and i had to grab this one since it was 50% off!

If you can , just get this suer warm blanket. It's so so soft and it is the best purchase i have ever made. I got it half of the original price but it was worth every penny!

H&M always does it right when it comes to sale. I love their sales. Most of the time i end up getting amazing thing for just 7 dollars. I really needed a small nude bag to go with some of my items in my closet and i was so happy to spot this cute beauty in the sale section.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo is definitely is my absolute favorite. I have been using it for over a year and even if i tried to change it i keep coming back to it. 

FTC, This product was given to me to try by the brand. If i like it very much you will read my review on the blog soon. Right now is still on testing phase.

Did you like any of the things i bought?

Let me know in the comments your opinions!