About me

Who am I ?

I'm a 23 years girl born in Albania, raised in Italy that likes to travel the world and mix different cultures.
I love fashion and all things beauty. I have a big passion for  photography, discovering everyday new things and i try everyday to  live life at its fullest.
I like to see life like a daring adventure that teaches me everyday something new.

This blog is my journal where i end up writing some of the things i have done and achieved .
Often i like to go back to remind myself where i come from and what i need to keep doing.

My style is not perfectly defined and this blog is my attempt to trying many new things and discovering what works best for me and what i like.
I don't follow trends, i just wear what i like.

I like fashion, but i don't take it too seriously.  I believe in looking nice without spending too much wether  or not i am dressing to go out for a special event or just a walk around the city. But i still like to look chic but for cheap while doing it all.

I like mixing high end pieces with low cost ones and i firmly believe you don't have to break the bank to dress nicely.

You can always be cheap but hight chic!

Welcome to my blog and i hope you will keep me company in this journey of mine ! :)