Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Maltese post

Few weeks ago i had the chance to go to Malta .
I really enjoyed the trip and i must say that Malta is awesome! it's impossible not to fall in love with it!

I liked the shops too. Malta has some very nice shops too! I didn't bought a lot of things because i didn't have a lot of time to go shopping :( but how could i came home without a few things to add to my closet? No way!

So here you are a few phtos of Malta and of the things that i have bought! 

The shopping part: 
1. Hard rock cafe red t shirt 

I've always been a fan of Hard rock cafe and so i couldn't not buy the Malta's t-shirt. i 've bought the red one with wings and some little stones.(it's the one in the photo)
price 24 euros

2. TOP SHOP tank top

                                                    It was love at the first sight when i saw it. It's very simple and versatile.
                                                   I wore it with a grew sweater, black skinny trousers and brown boots.
                                                  price 9 euros 
                                                i think i will use  it a lot this summer!

4. University of Malta t shirt 
                                           The Hard rock cafe one and the University of Malta tshirt . I collect sthirts where it's written the name of the universities of the city i am visiting.  price 7 euros 

5. Pillow (handmade) 
I definitly felt in love with this pillow. and it was super cheap too: 2,50 euros! i love hand made things and i love desining my room with nice stuffs. so i had to buy it! 

As you can see it's a wonderful place and some views literally leave you breathless for how beautiful they are!
I really enjoyed Malta and i would like to came back there very soon! 

Now book a plane ticket and go visit it! 

Thanks for reading my blog, i hope u liked it . Leave a comment and subscribe if you want. ;) 

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