Friday, May 27, 2011


Recently i am really getting into online shopping.
I like windowshopping in beautiful sites and being able to compare price ,see new styles and trend and everything from my comfy sofa!

Just some weeks ago i  have ordered for the first time from this site :

I have found that it has  very affordable price and the quality of the products is very good!
I truly recommend it to you!

In my first order i bought a bag and a pair of stilettos.

The bag: 

I really love this bag! i have been looking for a bag like this for very long time. I like it because it is like the Herme's Birking,but way more cheap!
I love the fabric and teh fact that it's very big and i can match it with a lot of different outifts!

the exact name of the bag is Karida. I paid it only "26.90 euros because it was on 40% sale 

The shoes: 

the shoes' name is Caelan, and the price is 20.90 euros
What i really like of these shoes is the red sole and the fact that they are so comfortable and look super good on! 

The shipping cost are about 3.90 euros and the shipping time was ver fast, i recived them after one week! 
and this is the box that i recived: 

The only negative thing about this site is that sometimes there aren't all the sizes,this happens mainly with shoes, some shoes are available only in some sizes only , and that is frustating sometimes!

well, good shopping to everybody! 

LOVE, your Mak 

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