Saturday, May 12, 2012

11 Questions Tag

Yes, another tag! I was tagged to this by   i do really always enjoy reading her blog.

Here are the questions:

1. What do you do when you're sad?/   Que haces cuando estas triste?
 Normally i like to splurge on chocolate , listen to sad songs or just hang out with a friend to do some shopping to forget everything.

2.What was the craziest thing you've ever done?  / Que es lo más loco que has hecho?
Staying awake for almost 48 hours 
Estar levantada por casi dos dias. 

3.Favourite movie?/ Ulubiony film? / Pelicula favorita
Ps. i love you  / Posdata te quiero 

4.What do you need to have always in your bag? / Que no puede faltar en tu bolso? 

My Blackberry,keys,wallet and my "survival purse" ( a purse where i have all the most important/urgent things that i may need in any problematic situation) / Mi Blackberry,las llaves, cartero y un bolsito con las cosas que puedo necesitar en urgencias.

5.Whats the most expensive thing you buy? / Que es lo más caro que compraste?
I like to splurge on good tennis shoes since i wear them a lot and for a lot of hours everyday.
Zapatos deportivos ya que los llevo muchisimo!

6.What’s is the beauty product you just can’t live without? /Producto de belleza sin cual no podrias vivir?
Fundation, i love how it can change a makeup look.I think it can really make you pass from a beat to a beauty heheh.
Fundacion,me encanta como cambia todo el look de una persona. Creo que muchas veces nos transforma desde un monstruo en una bella princesa. Jejeje

7.What is your favorite Halloween costume of all time?/ Favorito disfraz de Halloween?
Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin / Jasmine de la pelicula Aladdin 

8.You are a dog or cat person? /Prefieres perros o gatos?
Dog for life! / Claro que prefiero los perros! Siempre!

9.What are you afraid of?/Que te da miedo?
Not living life fully./ No vivir de verdad

10.What do you like and don't like in you? / Que te gusta y que no en ti misma?
I like the fact that i often give good advices even if i am not that good when it comes to myself.
Me gusta el hecho que se dar muy buenos consejos a mis amigos aunque  cuando toca a mi nunca se que hacer

11.Your perfect day would be...? / Tu día perfecto sería.....?
Waking up late,eating a lot of sweets and going shopping. 
Levantarme muy tarde, comer muchos dulces y irme de compras.

My 11 questions:
1.What's your ideal kind of fun night?
2.What do you really hate ?
3.What's the thing you can't really live without?
4.What's your favorite tv show/program?
5.Your perfect life would be...
6.What make up product can't you live without?
7.Whats the most expensive thing that you own?
8.What's your favorite food?
9.What's your favorite memory
10.What the most precious piece of jewelry piece you have?
11. Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns head

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  1. haha i always eat chocolate when i'm sad too :)
    really interesting post, it's nice getting to know you a bit better!

  2. This is such a cute post! haha I love Jasmine from Aladin the most too! she's beautiful :D

  3. AWAKE FOR 48 hours?! ;O you're crazy, i <3 sleeping! :D
    cheers :*

  4. Such a cute post, fun responses =) Your blog is so cute!

    Suzie Q

  5. Love posts like these, so I can get to know bloggers better :)

    Please join my first international giveaway here:

  6. looooooooooooooooooooooving the post! ♥

    i wait for you in

  7. THanks for the tag!!!...And congratulations!!!




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