Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sales! Sales! Sales!

As some may know, in Italy now is Sales season, my favorite season after summer , and i couldn't stop myself from getting many things that i have eyed since this winter. 
Yes, i'm the kind of person that thinks twice and even more sometimes before purchasing since i always like to wait and see if i really needed that or if i can score it for a cheaper price and this theory of mine has worked many times ( well, not always, but we all know that practice makes us perfect)
This time for sales  i didn't go with a list of things i wanted since i hadn't clear minds on it, but with just a few little ideas and the main rule to not buy useless things to let collect dust on my closet.
I decided to go for too fancy things or tops since i have way too many of them but for  things that i can wear in the next occasions i have to attend and on essentials.
I checked many shops  (online and not) but i ended up buying only at H&M , i don't know why.
I 've bought : a dark red dress that i will not show you since i am planning to wear it for my birthday (i always buy a new dress for my birthday and i always do it in the sales) , a pair of colorful pants because i wanted to change my style a little and i think they are very cute and i will wear them with different colorful tops,nude low heels since i wanted something to go with many outfits  and very comfortable ( high heels are very cute but i can't still menage to walk hours on them, i just wanted to be realistic this time) and they are a good essential to have ,a black  elegant bag since it's an essential that i was missing in my closet and i had seen that since very long time but was never on time on buying it ,chandelier earrings (crazy last minute purchase but i love how elegant they look), neon necklace since i liked it a lot and i wanted it from summer but it was never on stock, new colorful blazer since i am planning to wear it in the spring time and i think it really adds a touch of color to any outfit and it really has very beautiful details and i liked how it look on me ( my best friend first bought it and i loved how it was looking on her and on me) and i think it's going to be very useful in the next times  and a bag in a color that i really didn't have and that i have loved since very long time but was waiting on sales to get it.
I must say,i got very good deals considering that all was at least 50% off and some things even more!
So , ending all my long monologue about how i am justifying all my crazy shopping here  are the photos!

Aqui estan las fotos de lo que he comprado en las rebajas!Comprè todo en H&M con minimo 50% de rebajas.

Ecco le foto degli "affari " che sono riuscita a cogliere con i saldi.Non so come mai ma alla fine ho  preso tutto da H&M con minimo 50% di sconto.

What have you bought with sales? What are you going to buy ? 
Let me know what you think of this post and answer to my questions on the comments! :) 



  1. mak! mi piace un sacco la borsetta nera e i pantaloni!! ;)

  2. Que de cositas chulis. A ver si tengo tiempo de ir de Rebajas, estoy dese√°ndolo.

    Un beso guapa

  3. awww very good buy...I love the shoes and the earrings... I don't usually buy and shop maybe this year I should change that ;) indulge..but be wise ;)

    1. i am soon going to post abotu online shopping sites with good sites.

  4. Love the things you picked out! We will go to the nearest H&M store asap to get one of the things you got. We can't wait to see them on you :*

    Lots of Love

  5. Uaaaaaa cfare blerjesh te papara paske bere dhe me cfare cmimesh...Lum si ti qe jeton jashte :( Ketu te ne, edhe kur behen ulje jane qesharake! Ti gezosh te gjitha! :)

  6. Che belli questi acquisti!!!!!!

  7. Nie purchase! Waiting for outfits! :)

  8. Tutto stupendo! Devo passarci anche io!

  9. Oh wow lady, you did great during the H&M sale.

  10. Great finds, I'm obsessed with that bronze bag. H&M has such great sales.

  11. Anch'io ho fatto acquisti interessanti da H&M!
    Bel bottino davvero il tuo ;)

    Vuoi aiutare In Moda Veritas ad entrare a far parte della IT FAMILY di Vota cliccando qui e poi sul cuoricino. Grazie mille <3
    IMV su Facebook
    IMV su Bloglovin'

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