Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Birthday Wish list !!

Since my Birthday is soon and dreaming it's free here are a few things that i love. 

Visto che il mio compleanno è tra poco e che sognare è gratis ecco alcune cose che adoro.

1. Real Techniques Travel Collection  ( i heart make up brushes)
2. Urban Decay Naked 3  ( i NEED it! )
3. Ikea Upptacka 4 Travel Bags   ( i will be traveling a lot this year)
4.Real Techniques Core Collection   ( make up brushes addicted)
6. Asos Watch with World Maps   ( you can't have too many watches right?)
7.Ikea Upptack Bagpack System  ( the perfect carry on lagguage, it become 2 backpacks )
8. Protein Chocolate Powder  ( i'm very into fitness
9. Toms Lace  ( Blue, Balck or White) (love them in white mostly)

2.Bio Oil 200 ml  (can't live without it! )
3. Nikon d3200+ 18-105 lens  (it has been  on my wish list for so long!)
5. Starbucks Alice+Olivia Mug  (i have a passion for cute mugs,get over it)
6-7 . Asos Boyfriend style watches  ( exact copy of the MK ones)
8. Zara Heels ( too cute)
9. Celine Bag 
11. Zara Tote Bag  ( who doesn't need a big black back to carry everything?

Things to add to my birthday wish list : a statement nude/peach  H&M necklace, a big black bag that can fit my laptop, elegant white shirt ( a really necessity) , laptop case and gift cards :) 

Do you own any of these things?
What is on your wish list right now?

Let me know in the comments!



  1. Che bella lista...mi piacciono molto..alcune poi sono anche molto economiche, chissa magari qualche amica...

  2. What people nowadays focus on is things they tend to have or want to expand upon, but you included the essentials which we love and agree that every fashionista should have.

    Lots of Love

  3. Awesome wishlist! Hypnotic Poison has been my favorite fragrance for ages. That Michael Kors tote has been on my wishlist, too. I hope you get everything! :)

  4. Amazing! Love the Naked Palette :)


  5. Che orologi belli! Anch'io sto cercando un orologio simile per il wishlist del mio compleanno a marzo. Grazie per il tuo commento gentile sul mio blog.

    E da Helsinki, Finlandia


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