Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's a Sunshine Award

First of all: thanks  for giving that to me, it really means a lot to me!! :) 

Here there are her questions:

I What have you learned from your travels? What has been your best trip so far? 
I have discovered many new cultures and met new amazing people.The biggest lesson i have learnt so far is to enjoy life more and that many times problems are way smaller than we think.The best trip by far as been one that i had many years ago in Salamanca. I love that city.
II What was the last book you read?
Not couting the ones that i have to read/study for university, the last one i read was "The kite runner" . I loved it!
III What is your favorite scent?
Cinnamon. I love everything with that scent, from candles to cookies, but for perfumes i like sweet ones. 
IV What is your food specialty? What food are you a master of?
It must be "Schiacciata alla Fiorentina"  a typical cake of the city of Florence. I always get compliments when i cook it. I really enjoy baking .
V Name your favorite movies.
P.s. I love you
Pride and Prejudice
Confessions of a shopaholic
VI What is your favorite flower?
I love orchids and roses.
VII What is your relationship with blogs – how do they affect your life?
I like reading them , i do get influenced by them sometimes. I like reading reviews on make up because it helps me not make wrong purchases and i like fashion blogs because they really help me with shopping giving me new ideas on things to buy..
VIII How do you choose which blogs to read/follow?
Mainly from the posts and they way the approach with readers.If somebody is able to create a good communication with his followers then i am more
 IX If you could go anywhere in the world for one day, where would it be - why?
I'd liek to go to Dubai since it has been on my dreams since forever. I have heard and read so many thigns about it that i want to see what's true and what's not.
X If you would make a Christmas playlist, which songs would have to be on it? 

All i want from Christmas is you, Santa Claus is coming to town, Silent Night.

My questions: 
1.What person inspires you the most?/  Qual è la persona che più ti inspira nella tua vita?
2.How do you chose the blogs to follow ?/ In base a quale criterio scegli i blog da seguire?
3.What is your guilty pleasure?/ Qual è la tua debolezza / oggetti a cui non riesci a resistere?
4.What is the next thing you are going to buy ?/ Quale sarà il tuo prossimo acquisto?
5.What is your favorite holiday? Why?/ Qual è la tua festività preferita? Perchè?
6.What woud you like to receive for Christmas /or simply as a gift? / Cosa vorresti ricevere per natale o semplicemente come regalo?
7.What is the thing you really can't live without? / Qual è l'oggetto senza di cui non riesci a vivere?
8.What can make you smile again when you are sad? / Cosa ti fa tornare a sorridere quando sei triste?
9.How do you see you life after 10 years? / Come immagini la tua vita tra 10 anni?
10.What is the most important thing in your life that you have been able to achive?/ Quali sono le cose più importanti che sei stata  in grado di raggiungere fino ad ora?

I tag/ Io taggo : 

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                                  XOXOXOXOX THE CHIC AND CHEAP


  1. Replies
    1. :) i'm very happy about it! At the end it is not all about cloths.

  2. Awwww Thank you so much... It's been a pleasure accepting this award specially coming from you. It's good to know more about you too... I'll be posting my answers soon.. <3 Thank you again

  3. it's my pleasure, I love you blog and your toughts! it's my pleasure to give it to you. You really deserve it!!

    i can't wait for your answers!!!


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  5. Awesome post! Happy to know more about you, dear!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!



  6. Ma grazieeeeeeee!!!!!! :)

  7. Faleminderit shuuume e dashur! Te pershendes nga Tirana!

  8. Congratulations on your award! And thank you so much for giving one to me :). You and I have the same taste in movies, now I want to watch P.S I love you and Pride and Prejudice.

  9. Davvero grazie di cuore!!


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