Sunday, February 3, 2013

It is Gonna be a Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show!!!

Omg, even if i don't live in the USA i can't wait to see the big coming back of Queen B. (aka Beyoncè) .
 I really like her music and i think that she really is one of the best performer ever!
I wish we had the same event in Italy, but unfortunately we don't.
After seeing this video i can't wait to discover and assist at the performances. I have no clue of what songs she is going to do and if her super talented hubby is going to join her on stage.

What outfits do you think she is going to wear? Short dresses? Bodycon Jumpsuits? ... Omg i do really can't wait to see it!

Beyoncè is not only a super talented singer but a super beautiful, and crazy well dressed fashionista. She hardly makes mistakes when it cames to fashion!

So the big question is are you going to watch the Super Bowl or are you going to ? ;) 

I 'm surely goign to be glued at my laptop following the show live from Italy, because we all know that it's going to be THE SHOW that everybody is going to talk about for the next years ( or even years!) 

In the while enjoy this little sneak peek ! :)



  1. I like her too!!!
    I like first in Destiny's child..
    and now she goes solo i still like her... but i dont like Jy-z for her though lol

  2. Yayy!!! I have to google the performance, as I could not watch it.... oops!
    Im following u on bloglovin!

  3. La adoriamo!!!!!

  4. It was a great performance :)
    po s'kishte si te ishte ndryshe nga Queen B


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