Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to survive the Black Friday Madness

Hello loves ! 
Black Friday is in less than 24 hours and U cannot wait to put start looking up for Christmas gifts and for amazing sales and bargains ! 
I decided to share with you a couple of the tips I have been receiving and that I will use this year . 

1. Check online first
This year i decided to be a little more prepared and look for the deals online first so I don't get too overwhelmed and lost while everybody around me is shopping like it's Armageddon the day after ! lol ! 
This way I know exactly where the highest sales are happening and so i know where to go first . 

2. Shop online earlier
I noticed that this year a lot of online shops are offering the option of an early access to sales if you shop online the day before Black Friday ! 
Online shopping is always the best ! Nothing beats the tranquillity of your home and since almost everybody is offering free shipping why not suing it ! 

3. Make a list 
There is nothing worse that going shopping and having no clue of what you are looking for ! 
You already know the shops will be full so avoid losing precious time thinking of what o look for . 
So , write down what you need to buy! 

4. Buy gifts 
Black Friday is the perfect occasion to buy Christams gifts since before you even realize it Christams is around the corner ! 
So use this occasion to get the best gifts for the people you care most and save yourself a lot of money ! 

5. Prioritize 
As a following step of making a list deciding what's more important is fundamental so you don't lose an entire hour at Victoria 's Secret while you are in a big need for a warm coat for the winter that is coming . 

6. Ask for return Policies
If you don't have enough time to try things one ( 99,9% won't wven try things on since they have been over eating and there is no time for trying on ) always make sure the store has a good return policy ! 

7. Check cupon codes 
Lots of stores offer you special cupons and codes if you join their email newsletter , yea it's annoying to receive tons of spam emails a day. It it can save you lots of money when you are deciding to get sow thing and you get extra sales 

8. There is always Christamas
Don't cry if you didn't find or couldn't get all you wanted the day after Christams all the shops will be doing huge extra sales and you can tons of your favorite times for super cheap !!! 

9. Dress properly 
Confortable cloths & shows . Small cross body bag , small bottle of water and protein bars . This is a war and you gota be ready for it ! Lol 

10. Be thankful 
Black Friday comes after thanksgiving , a day where we are supposed to enjoy family and be thankful that we are so blessed and lucky to have food on our table , a roof on our heads and a job that allows us to splurge on materialistic desires on Black Friday . 
Not everybody is as lucky as you are so if you can do anything , even the smallest thing counts , to help out people in need do it . Not only now but year long .
Donate your old cloths to a shelter or people in need or pass over some food . Is thanksgiving for everybody and there is no better way to multiply the blessing you have by sharing them . 

 XOXOXOXO The Chic and Cheap 

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