Friday, December 5, 2014

My 15 Wishes for Christmas

Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays .
I love how my entire family gets over for dinner and we have a huge , super fulfilling meal and we talk and joke for hours about everything and nothing specific. I love the atmosphere and being surrounded by the people i grew up with.
I love decorating the house ,eating lasagna and the typical panettone and pandoro. I know, my family is full of people who appreciate eating good food. :)
And the best moment of all is when at the end of the meal we get around the Christmas tree and exchange gifts. We always put a lot of efforts on our gifts and ever year i seem to be the hardest one to pick a gift for and every year  i made a long wish list in the hope they will be somehow inspired and hopefully not get me the 100000000th make up bag since right now i have a tons of make up bags and not enough make up to fill them all . LOL.
This year it has been a little hard to put the list together since, i must confess,  i have been shopping a lot recently. I know,my credit cards are still crying and fearing me.
 Here there are my 15 wishes  for Christmas :

Gift Cards ( Zara, Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack , Sephora, Starbucks)
Photo camera Tripod (since i can hardly find somebody to take photos of my outfits )
Agenda ( i always need to plan and write down everything)
Nikon Remote Control ( to take better photos with my camera without doing selfies ) 

What's on your wish list for this Christmas?

Let me know in the comments!



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