Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to school outfit + How to get 5 extra minutes of sleep every morning !

Fall is slowly coming up and all the back to school shopping is driving all the parents and kids crazy.
Going to the mall these days consists in seeing exhausted parents dragged all over the place in the constant look of the perfect outfit or latest and highly needed piece of stationary.
For school i have always liked to be dressed comfortably but always well put together and with some trendy pieces.
My strategy to achieve looking good but always getting those extra 5 minutes of sleep every morning was to get my outfits ready before going to bed. I would leave all the cloths folded on a chair with all the accessories already picked so all i needed to do in the morning was to get dressed and have breakfast!
When it came to make up i used to do a simple concealer, mascara, blush , powder look. I never tried to achieve a perfect winged eyeliner on a 60 seconds timer. Too much stress.

This sweater from Oasap represents a perfect statement piece to wear. My goal in school was to always wear a simple outfit but to have at least one statement piece. Make it a particular shoe, necklace or top.

I was extremely lucky my school never had a dress code or uniform rules. Expressing ourselves with cloths/ fashion  has always been a staple of my life.

The top in the first photo may be considered a little too risky for school but all depends on how hot it is in the place you live. I personally always like tops that have graphic designs.

Outfit Details:

Tee Oasap ( Link here) ( only 9.90 $ ) 

Sweatshirt Oasap ( Link here)  (only 9.90$ ! ) 

Coat Oasap ( Link here

Pants Stradivarius 

Necklace Oasap ( Link here

Shoes Oasap ( Link here

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