Monday, March 11, 2013

Beautiful for Cheap: Castor Oil ( How to have long lashes without mascara)

Welcome to the second post dedicated to the Beautiful for Cheap serie.
Today i am talking about a product that will help your lashes grow and become thicker : Castor Oil.
Here is my little list of pros and cons:

-makes your lashes grow and longer
-makes your lashes stronger
-is good for eyebrows too, if you have spare ones they will grow a little better
-it costs only 3 € and the bottle will last you for a very long time
- you can get in in Pharmacies and Supermarkets
-in 100% natural
-if you use it frequently  you will see  the improving results

-is very oily and i suggest you to apply it with an old mascara wand (clean one) or a   cotton bud  before you go tot sleep. In the morning all will be gone away.

Bienvenidos al segundo post dedicado a ser guapas pero no gastando mucho dinero.
Hoy estoy hablando de un producto que ayudará a tus pestañas a crecer :el  aceite de ricino.
Aquí está mi pequeña lista de pros y contras:
-hace que tus pestañas crezcan y sean mas largas
-hace que tus pestañas más fuertes
-Es bueno para las cejas también, si no tienes cejas muy "llenas" eso os ayuda mucho
-sólo cuesta 3 € y la botella le durará por mucho tiempo
- Usted lo  puede conseguir en farmacias y supermercados
-es 100% natural
-si usted lo usa con frecuencia verá la mejora de los resultados
-Es muy aceitosa y le sugiero que lo  aplique  con un  viejo aplicador de rímel (uno limpio)  antes de ir a dormir . Por la mañana todo se habrá ido .

Benvenuti al secondo post dedicato alla serie belle ma spendendo poco.
Oggi  parlerò  di un prodotto che aiuterà le vostre ciglia  a crescere e a diventare più spesse:l' olio di ricino.
Ecco la mia piccola lista di pro e contro:

-aiuta le ciglia a crescere e più lunghe
-rende le ciglia più forti
-se non avete tante sopracciglia o con dei "buchetti" questo prodotto vi può aiutare
-costa solo 3 € e la bottiglia vi durerà a lungo
- Si può comprare in in farmacia o nei  supermercati
-è 100% naturale
-se lo si utilizza  frequentemente vedrete i miglioramenti 
-è molto oleoso  e vi consiglio di applicarlo con lo scovolino di un vecchio mascara (pulito) o con cotton fioc   prima di andare a dormire. Al mattino tutto sarà andato via.



  1. wow what a very useful tip.
    Thank you so much girlfriend <3

  2. We heard that's its good for the lashes too! A friend of ours uses it during the night before going to bed, and when she wakes up in the morning and applies mascara the results are so clear. They look stunning once you apply mascara on top!
    Thank you for sharing the tip with us<3

    Lots of Love

  3. Thanks alot for the tips I shall start doing this, my eyelashes are far from long & lush like they used to be, thanks to daily use of mascara :(

    <3 xoxo

  4. MA WOW!!!interessantissimo sopratutto per le mie sopracciglia...thanks!!!

  5. Great tip, I ever knew this about castor oil. By the way my sweater from Fashion Friday's post is from Old Navy, they don't sell it anymore but you might have some luck on Ebay :)

  6. that looks nice...have u experienced the results by yourself or u just browsed around?And what about the smell? i dont know but i have the impression that it smells a bit?Let me know!
    Thanks in advance :)

    1. i use it almost every doesn't smell at all. that's why i love it.. it's just "oily " and i don't suggest you use it during the day time, for the rest is all amazing.


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