Thursday, March 21, 2013

Studying. Eating. Studying. Sleeping aka University Life

Well the title summarizes pretty well how my life is being now that university has started again. 
Early wake ups,a few minutes to get get ready trying to pick an acceptable outfit and concealing all the signs of bad sleep, going to classes running since buses are always late but teachers are always on time. Lessons, lessons, trying to eat  a sandwich to keep the body working/going ,boring lessons, even more boring lessons, running home while catching buses, getting ready to go to the gym , after gym eating and falling asleep. This is my "amazing" life of the last weeks and for the next 3 months. Nothing exciting :all hard work and lots of things to study and learn by heart, but i won't complain since i'm sure one day it will be all worth it.  (it'd better be so! ) 
In the while i will try to do my best to keep with all you girls and post as much as i can. :) So excuse me if i don't get to your comments as soon as i wish i would.Today between classes i was able to get a few photos of my outfit  taken by my best friend while in a pause from classes. 

EL titulo es un resumen perfecto de mi vida de ahora o sea : todo el dia corriendo entre clases y estudiando un monton. Ese es el look que he utilizado hoy ya que tuve la oportunidad de sacar unas fotos.Lo siento si no puedo comentar y publicar mas frequentemente en esos dias.

Il titolo riassume perfettamente come è la mia vita in questo momento che l'università è iniziata di nuovo.
Alzarsi presto, prepararsi in un paio di minuti cercando di indossare qualcosa di decente , corre dietro agli autobus visto che sono sempre in ritardo ma i professori sono sempre puntualissimi, lezioni su lezioni , fare il possibile per riuscire a mangiare un panino, lezioni ancora più noiose e altre lezioni, corsa per andare a casa, palestra, cena e nanna.Ecco la mia "interessantissima" vita di queste ultime settimane e dei prossimi 3 mesi. Speriamo che ne valga la pena in futuro. 
Nel frattempo vi faccio vedere questo outfit che sono riuscita a scattare oggi.
Perdonatemi se non riesco a rispondere velocemente ai vostri commenti o a tenermi al passo con tutto. Cercherò di fare il mio meglio. 

My outfit was simple and very thick layered since here in Italy is still bloody cold and doesn't stop raining. I hate rain! / Mi look es muy simple ya que en Italia hace muchisimo frio y no para de llover/ Il mio outfit è molto semplice visto che fa un freddo assurdo e non smette di piovere ! 

Sweater FOREVER 21
Pants H&M (19.90 €)
Boots WEIDE 

What do you think of the look?/ Os gusta? / Che ne pensate ? 



  1. Good luck with your studies! Your outfit looks comfy, nothing feels better than spending the day in uni in comfortable clothes. We love the simplicity of your outfit.

    Lots of Love

    1. Thanks! Yes, i agree completely! :) Don't worry the next months will be full of them!

  2. go out ! Stop blogging !!!!

  3. Amazing post! Love your style!

    Would you like follow each other? Let me know =)

  4. awww congrat and good luck to your college life :)
    And you look fabulous! <3

  5. Girl them boots rock! You are soo brave posing in the street like that. I love them! lol

    1. HAhahahha Thanks! Fortunately ALmost nobody passed and i'm now getting used to this kind of embarassment LOL!

  6. goog luck with uni and i hope you have some fun soon :D

    would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?

  7. Ti seguo anch'io!
    Che bella che sei!
    Ps: cosa studi tu?!

  8. Such a cute blog! I love your point of view on fashion!
    Maybe we can follow each other via gfc and bloglovin?
    I can't wait to see your next post!


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