Friday, August 23, 2013

Life is really simple, but we insist in making it complicated - Confucius

Sometimes all you need from life is a getaway from all the drama and a whole day reconnecting yourself to the nature and finding your peace of mind. Life is so simple but yet we always find ways to make it so complicated. So useless.

Algunas veces lo que necesitas en la vida es simplemente alejarte de los problemas y pasar un dia en la naturaleza buscando tu paz interior. La vida es sencilla pero nosotros siempre buscamos maneras para complicarla . Que gasto de energias!

Alcune volte abbiamo solo bisogno di allontanarci da tutti i problemi e casini e spendere una giornata nella natura riconnettendoci con noi stessi e cercando la nostra pace interiore. La vita รจ semplice ma noi troviamo tantissimi modi per complicarcela. Cosi inutile.

I wish life could offer this kind of views everyday! 

Total look H&M 
Sunglasses FIRMOO

I Loved spending the day at the Lake and i cannot wait to go back again to relax .
What do you think of this outfit?



  1. Wow, your holidays looks great and you have took very great pictures! I love your blog :-)

    xx Nidda

  2. Love your blog! (I follow back)


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