Monday, August 4, 2014

6 Products that i swear by for my Skin care routine ! (Face Edition )


After almost two years i am back with the list of my new everyday skin care routine. 
I used to have a very very dry skin but somehow or thank to some products it changed and now i have a normal skin that doesn't break out very often but yet requires me to moisturize  it everyday .
What do i use?

1. St Ives Green Tea Blackheads Clearing :
This Scrub is very gentle and i use it everyday like a washer and to remove all the impurities from my skin. The smell is very nice and doesn't cause my face to be all red after i use it. It leaves my skin very smooth and bright.
The scrub is very light and not super deep, in fact the bead that it has for the scrub aren't that harsh and hard on your skin.
I like that is 100% natural and doesn't have all that chemicals that used to dry up my skin like crazy! 
It's a drugstore product and the price is around 4-6 $ . 

2. St Ives Apricot Scrub Fresh Skin 
I adore this product.  I got to know about it trough a blogger friend of mine and on my first trip to the US i got my first tube of it and from that moment on it was love ! 
This scrub leave your skin as soft as a baby skin! It purifies and does wonders to your skin! I try to use it only a couple times a week since the scrub it does it is really deep.
I can definitely see the difference between using it and not using it. 
The smell is amazing and the 100% natural gets me sold immediately . 
I use it mainly for my face but you can use if for the rest of the body too and it will do wonders!
I thought that since being a scrub it would have dried up my skin very much but it never happened.
I really recommend it to everybody! 
The price is between 4-6 $  for the big tube. Here i m showing you a small version of it because i ran out the big one and i decided to only use this small one before buying a big one since i am not using it everyday. 

3. Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer 
I Love this cream. It leaves my skin perfectly moisturized and not with a sticky or oily feeling. 
I have been using this product for over a year and  i have never had a problem with it! 
I love how it gets absorbed by the skin and how light it feels.
I like it so much that i use it for all my body and not only my face. 
Price  4-6 $ for this big of a bottle ( 295 ml )

4. Diadermine Eye Cream 
I have been trying to start taking more care about the area around my eyes for quite  a few month by far and i am still on my way to find the perfect product. 
This cream is one of those attempts. I still can't see a lot of changes or improvements but i'm still hoping. 
Price : 3 €

5.No Ad Sunscreen Lotion 
I have a very fair skin and i get sunburnt pretty quickly so i am always careful of never stepping outside without sunscreen in the summer.
I like this cream a lot because it doesn't leave me with the typical white mask that most of the sunscreens do. 
The smell is brutal , i don't like it at all! Smells like chemicals but the results on my skin have been amazing and i would rather endure with some bad smell for a little than have a red pepper sunburnt face. 
With this product a little goes a long way! I have been having it for a long time and i'm not over it yet!
I always apply it after my Moisturizer and before my make up. Everyday. 
I got it on Amazon because i couldn't find it on my local supermarket 

6. Garnier Acne Roll On 
I don't use it everyday, but every time a new amazing red friend comes to visit me and my chin here it is that this roll on comes on handy! It's an amazing spot treatment! I put it at night and in the morning my face is perfect as it used to be .  I carry it with me everywhere i travel! 
For once i found something that really works on treating spots in a  short time . 
I recommend it to everybody! 

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