Friday, October 24, 2014

What's really going on in my life...

This post may be one of the most if not the most personal one i will be writing on my blog since i m a super private person and i really like to keep almost all my life private and protected because i don't feel the need to show off to the entire world what i am doing when i m not posing for outfit photos for my blog.

So, after stating that , i will start saying that my life for the past year and half have been the most intense and full of emotions roller coaster i have ever been in. So many things happening at a speed that i have sometimes had very hard time keeping  up with, but yet i m thankful of everything that has been happening. 
I have grown up immensely and i wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. 
I have acquired priceless life lessons and new goals in my life that go beyond having the latest pair of shoes or bag on trend but more about what really matters in life and what we really should focus on.
I have acquired and lost many friends in the process because we all know that in whatever you do in your life you need to make sure you are surrounded by persons that will support you and not drag you down.
My eyes and my view of the world have been really opening and changed , the world outside is so big and full of diversity. 
It's really true that traveling is the only thing that you buy but that makes you richer. You learn more taking a trip far away than in years and years of education.
Diversity really opened my eyes and showed me things and taught me priceless lessons. 

I like fashion and i'm sure it will always be a part of me , but one thing i have learn in the past months it's that life would be ruled about your own rules and taste and not from what's on trend. 
We are so bombarded by medias that tell us that in order to be happy we need to be a certain way , dress particular cloths that switch trends every two weeks, earn a certain amount of money and that happiness is only in having and desiring everyday more and more. 

I feel that all this doesn't represent me anymore. I have definitely started dressing how i really like and not always trying to follow the latest trends. If i want to dress in just jeans and a white tee i will do it. If i feel like dolling up for no reason i will do it. 

Our time on earth is so limited that we really shouldn't be waiting it trying to meet some   standards that make 99.9% of women feel bad about themselves.

I have decided that i will try to be more consistent on my blog, but from now on quality will be may main focus, that's why i have decided to post only once a week: every FRIDAY  !

In the while you may notice that my blog is under a process of redesign, i felt like that after all those years it was finally time to change some looks of it.

So, are you going to be part of this new journey with me?


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