Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Talking to the moon

oops. i got a call just in the second that my photos were taken. LOL 

 Summer is almost over ,unfortunately .
So in these days we are having our last chances to wear the summer dresses and sandals that we have .
In this post i went for this simple look all about a blue summer dress that i bought last year at H&M and this sparkly sandals.
I kept accessories simple: just a little key necklace that is a gift that i have recived a few days ago.
I decided to go for a brownish-greyish bag to break all the blue of my look.
Since is summer i love playing with strong nail colors such as this powerful red.
What a pity that this summer it's over , but there are so many photos that will never make me forget all the crazy thing that i did in it.

my make up ,what you think of it?

Dress H&M (9.90 euros last year) 
Sandals: LINDA (at final summer sales)
Bag: WESTRANGS  (26.40 euros on sales some months ago)
Neckclace: FABIANI (gift )
Earrings : H&M 
Headband: just a simple satin string 

                                               Bruno Mars -Talking to the moon 
                                                                  (I really love this song! ) 

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Have a nice fashionable day everyone ! 


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