Saturday, December 15, 2012

All I Want For Christmas (Tag)


The tag came with these simple rules:
1. Kindly use the same title and as well as the first photo that I put here. ( the christmas tree one) 
2. List 6 things that you want to receive for Christmas.
3. Tag 6 of your friends to make the same post (no tag backs).
4. Send me the link so I could check it out too.

Thanks to my grilfriend Genskie from for tagging me! i love this kind of tag and it will help my friend and family to get me the right gifts (maybe, or i just wish so ! In the while i have fun writing it ).

Gracias a mi amiga Genskie para esa etiqueta ! Amo esos tags y creo que ese post ayudarà mucho a mis amigos y a mi famila en navidades por mi regalos.( quizas.. o simplemento espero que lo haga mientra que me divierto escibiendola)

Grazie alla mia amica Genskie per questo tag. Io adoro questo tipo di tag e forse questo post aiuterà i miei amici e la mia famiglia nel farmi il giusto regalo. ( forse, o semplicemente lo spero intanto che mi diverto a scriverla.) 

My Wishlist : 

1. Dress for New Years Eve that i have fallen in love with from H&M  (14.95€ )

2. Big striped sweater from H&M (14.95 €)

3.Low cut Skirt from H&M . I have been loving this skirt for months! (14.95€)

3.Ipod  adapter charger. I love my ipod but charging it only from my computer is exhausthing while you are out .I definitely need my ipod adapter.

4.  Black Shiny Raining Boots

5. Accessories ( see the photos)  (All from H&M) 

6. MONEY!!!!  If you don't have time just give me money and let me shop by my self to make all easier and happier. ;) 

I tag:




  1. Woot wooow.... I am back lol..
    I like your last wish too.. I think everyone does..
    I hope you get maybe not all but most of the things on your wish list. :)

  2. Hahahaaa!
    So funny the last wish!!!

  3. Que chulas propuestas y bien que me vienen ! jejeje


  4. ahh that last wish!!! haha...thnx for the tag darling! :) hope you get all the wishes especially the last one! kisses...

  5. Grazie per avermi taggato in questo post! Ormai natale è passato ma magari rispondo al post con una versione per capodanno! :D

    E da Helsinki


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