Thursday, December 6, 2012

The World Inside My Bag (aka What's in my bag tag)

I love tag videos and one of my favorite tag videos is "what's in my bag " . I love seeing what other people decide to carry in their bags, it always gives me good ideas about what i should bring too and what could help me sometimes since i always realize i tend to forget many things.
I like big bags and ,as my brother says, i always carry the whole house with me.
I always carry a lot of things since i almost always spend the biggest amount of time outside my house.

Me encantan los videos de etiqueta y una etiqueta de mis videos favoritos es "lo que hay en mi bolso". Me encanta ver lo que otras personas deciden llevar en sus bolsos, siempre me da buenas ideas sobre lo que debería llevar demasiado y lo que me ayuda a veces ya que siempre me doy cuenta de que tendemos a olvidar muchas cosas.
Me gustan las bolsas grandes y, como dice mi hermano, que siempre llevo toda la casa conmigo.
Siempre llevo un montón de cosas desde que casi siempre pasan la mayor cantidad de tiempo fuera de mi casa.

Adoro i video tag e uno dei miei preferiti è quello che riguarda cosa si ha dentro la propria borsa.Mi piace vedere cosa le altre persone si portano dietro, mi dà sempre ottime idee su nuovi prodotti da provare,cosa che potrebbero essere utili e cose che potrei portarmi anche io dietro visto che mi dimentico spesso tante cose.
Io porta sempre tante cose con me visto che spendo tanto tempo fuori casa.

Here there are a few photos of the world inside my bag. / Aqui estan algunas de las cosas que siempre llevo en mi bolso. / Ecco alcune delle cose che porto sempre con me ( oppure come lo chiamo io : il mondo che trovate dentro la mia borsa) 

1.My "Emergency kit "purse.
It has maps, deodorant, chargers, lip balm and all i may need if i spend the whole day outside.

2.My make up bag 

3.Sunglasses & Sunglasses case 

4.I pod

5. My camera case with my camera inside. 

6. Agenda (i'm always organized and planning all)

7.Phone ( My Blackberry, i can't live without phone)

8. Wallet and coin purse

I always have even some water bottles, books, notebooks, pencils and some snacks. 

What is always inside your bags?  / Que llevais siempre en vuestro bolso? / Cosa portate sempre con voi nella vostra borsa? 



  1. Che bel post!!! Anche noi abbiamo la borsa sempre piena di altre pochettine per portare con noi tutto il necessario!!!

  2. Great post. I'm always trying to narrow down the things in my bag so I can carrying those cute cross-body bags, it's an uphill battle haha. I love the look of your agenda by the way :)

    1. i'm tryign to settle for less thing too but for now it seems impossible.


  3. I like these types of posts. :)
    In my bag I usually have basic things like phone, wallet, lipbalm, lipstick, diary, napkins, keys, purse with make-up and pills and sometimes some food to work. It depends which size of handbag I have. :)

  4. I've seen a few bloggers do this kind of post... I love them! I usually compare what I carry around too. I always have to much junk with me .

    Would you like to stay connected through GFC and Bloglovin?

    xo Amy,

  5. Fun post! What a great idea.



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