Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Look for Less: Celine ID Chocker vs ASOS Jumbo ID Necklace

I've been seeing this necklace everywhere recently and i am starting to get obsessed with it, so i was so happy to discover a copy of it on Asos for a fraction of its price.

He estado viendo este collar en todas partes hace poco y estoy empezando a obsesionarme con el, así que estaba muy feliz de descubrir una copia de el  en Asos por una fracción de su precio original.

Ho visto questa collana ovunque recentemente e ho cominciato ad esserne quasi ossessionata. Quando ho scoperto che Asos ne faceva un copia molto simile sono stata al settimo cielo considerando che il prezzo è una frazione di quello originale! 

Original : CELINE ID CHOCKER  3500$

photo via here

Our Kimmy is always wearing the last trends and she couldn't miss this.She has it in silver too.
 Copy: ASOS JUMBO ID NECKLACE (25$ ) (link here)
Photo from Asos 

Photo from here

Do you like this necklace? Will you get it?
Let me know in the comments! 



  1. WOW buono a sapersi!!!! Bacionee

  2. Wow! You found a really good similarity, that's surprising. The price difference is crazy, we bet most of the viewers and so thankful that you found the same necklace on asos (well we are!). The golden one looks much prettier than the silver. Thanks for the recommendation <3

    Lots of Love


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