Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Life According To Instagram : March & April

Hello! Here there is what my Instagram has been about in the last one month and half.
Aqui estan las fotos de mi Instagram del mes de Abril y mitad de aquello de Marzo.
Ecco qui le  mie foto di Instagram dell'ultimo mese e mezzo. 

selfie / Primark wish list / Quote/Quote / Spring's arrived /Quote/Lyrics f a song / quote/ Happy father's day ! 

Tiffany daydreams /Quote/New post on the blog/Quote /Quote/Quote / My silly university new ins/Women with all the same weight (inspiration Dove Campain) / New post on the blog / Outfit (Link here)

Selfie /Health Advice/Quote/ New post on the blog / Outfit /White chocolate:my biggest weakness/ Quote x3 / Funny picture 

New Necklace from ASOS /Quote x 5/ Super big strawberries / Quotes x2 / Forever 21 Wishlist 

Old Tennis shoes/lots of Flowers / New Running Shoes/ New Shoes /New post/ Quote/ Quote/ New post / Wanted Blazer 

Outfit (LInk here) / Gym life / Post/ Quote/ 90 roses for a bday party / Dream Shoes/ Quote / My shoes / MK Wishlist / curerently readings

My favorite boots / Quotes / New post on the blog/ My favorite shoes ( This Friday on the blog!)/ How i keep going: thanks to coffee / Funny/Reality picture / New shoes / New posts on the blog 

My fav shoes again! / New post/ Hard Work (uni Life) / Studded flats / Quote / Quote/ Amazing Views x2 / Fashion wanties 

Quotes x 2 / New Look flats / Sweet Cakes / Pasta 

What do you think about them? What did you like most?
Let me know in the comments!




  1. We love the quotes, some of them are inspiring and truly relate to us. You should add some to your posts, we find them relevant for example "stressed, depressed but well dressed" reflects how you can always be chic even under the toughest circumstances!

    Lots of Love

  2. Che belle frasi!! Lucy

  3. bellissimi scatti cara!!!!

    se ti va passa a trovarmi mi farebbe piacere:)


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