Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Santa, here it is what i want fro Christmas ... (Beauty Edition)

Dear Santa ,since i have been very good this year here is what i would like for Christmas this year to make myself a prettier girl. 
Thanks in advance. 

Caro Babbo Natale,visto che questo anno mi sono comportata bene ecco cosa vorrei ricevere per Natale per essere ancora più carina. 
Grazie in anticipo.

No matter how many make up brushes i have, way too many, these ones by Real Techniques are a must have, I have been wanting them for too long and only now i found a site that ships them to Italy too for a good price.  The Tangle Teezer has been defined the new It Product and since i have crazy curly hair i really want to try it.  Bio Oil and Embryolisse are considered the best products from many make up artists. Dior's perfume is an addiction like its name. 


  1. Non avevo mai sentito di Tangle Teezer, che interessante! Grazie del tuo commento gentile sul mio blog. Cosa mangiate per natale nella tua famiglia, visto che hai detto che è una famiglia con diverse tradizioni natalizie?

    E da Helsinki


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